WinMend History Cleaner Portable

WinMend History Cleaner Portable

WinMend History Cleaner - это утилита, которая может всесторонне очистить историю работы различных программ в системе. Она может эффективно сканировать и очищать историю, порожденную более 100 программами. Эти истории включают куки, просмотр истории и кэш-файлы браузеров, таких как Internet Explorer, Firefox и истории большого числа других приложений, таких как Microsoft Office, WinRAR, Windows Media Player и RealPlayer.

WinMend History Cleaner - program to remove traces of a user. The program effectively cleanse cookies, browser cache, typed URLs and links, as well as clear the history of user work with more than one hundred most popular programs - office suites, archives, and other players. After scanning, the results will be presented to the user in a convenient visual form, after which the results will select all or individual records and permanently delete.


1. Comprehensive Scan
WinMend History Cleaner scans the histories of system programs, browsers and other various applications. Its comprehensive categories help you select, scan and clear history with ease.
2. Safe Scan Results
The scan engine of WinMend History Cleaner can intelligently screen scan targets and leave out results that may affect Windows system files. We guarantee the safe history deletion.
3. Clear Results Display
WinMend History Cleaner shows the results with detailed and clear classification. The result list tells you what those histories are, so that you can decide to keep or delete them with much confidence.
4. Cookies Management
WinMend History Cleaner manages Internet Explorer cookies independently and makes it easy for users to keep the cookies they need.

Платформа: Windows® XP/Vista/7
Язык Интерфейса: English
Таблетка: Встроенно
Размер: 9.43 Mb



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